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Nationwide News Network

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The business has been broadcasting and around as a reliable source for information and media throughout the island. Nowadays it’s grown into one of the number one company, news, sports and entertainment discussion radio stations around the island.

The channel puts an internet live flow across their nationwide program. You will find listed stories in addition to a whole live flow that happens for Apple and Google apparatus. The program can also be available for live stream on the internet and about the 90 fm ring through the staircase. The most hear programs throughout the channel comprise their regular hourly news updates, Timeline, Sports country reside, Nationwide in the 5, Talking History, Miss Kitty Live and much more. Many of the shows such as nationally at five have a single Jamaican broadcast news awards. The Nationwide@5 series such as has an Emmy award winning writer on team.

Nationwide News makes it accessible to individuals that are thinking about supplying updates to additional listeners while they’re on air. Users may call in and comment about the most recent news reports or programming in addition to join with hosts to modify the future format to the station.

Presently the station operates a Facebook accounts, YouTube accounts, Instagram account along with a twitter account in addition to its principal site. Contacting them by telephone or through at least one of these approaches is the ideal method to engage the hosts coverage on current events and news. With such prestigious hosts and excellent nationally programming, this wireless station will stay among the most reliable for entertainment and information in Jamaica.

Website: http://www.nationwidenewsnetwork.com/

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